Discussion on the application of secondary coagulant production process in the production of latex gloves

- Apr 20, 2019-

Most of the enterprises producing latex gloves in the latex industry adopt ion deposition method (also known as coagulant impregnation method) to produce latex gloves.The thickness of the glove film produced by this method is directly related to the duration of the model in the impregnation agent and impregnation latex.In the process of production and operation, whether it is impregnation coagulant size or impregnation latex size, the finger of the glove model is always immersed in the size first, and then leave the size, which results in more ions attached to the finger than the wrist;The gel time of the finger is longer than that of the wrist, resulting in a gap in the thickness of the rubber film between the finger, palm and wrist.

The rubber is first sliced by the rubber refining machine and then sent to the sol cylinder to mix with the gasoline sol.After emulsification and modulation, the sol is pumped to the tundish.The gasoline-soluble rubber solution is fed from the top of the distillation column and heated by steam. 

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