Condom production technology

- May 13, 2019-

In order to better meet the needs of modern people, condom manufacturers must continue to innovate, constantly develop new technology, and constantly improve the level of production technology.As for the special product of condoms, the preparation of raw materials before production and the quality inspection after delivery are particularly important.Durex is one of the best.

Quality products start with quality raw materials, and any manufacturer knows this.Durex condoms are manufactured using only the finest natural latex.Before raw materials are purchased, each batch of latex is tested and identified on the plantation, and the latex is tested again when it arrives at the factory.Only when the quality of latex meets durex global quality standards can it be used in the production of condoms.

Durex quality inspection is also very strict, mainly including three aspects: electronic detection, water leakage test and air blasting test.Electronic inspection is mainly used to check whether there are holes or defects on the surface of finished products. All finished products must be qualified before they leave the factory.The leak test, which involves sampling more than 2 million condoms a month, is carried out by hanging them for a minute after filling them with water to check for leaks.During the air blasting test, condoms are inflated to test the strength and elasticity of the blasting. About 500,000 condoms are sampled each month for this test.In addition, high standards have always been a commitment of durex.For air burst tests, for example, the international standard for latex is 18 litres, compared with 22 litres for durex.In fact, durex condoms usually expand to 40 liters.And if any of these tests fail, whole batches of condoms -- up to 432,000 -- will be scrapped.Durex always believes that only after strict quality inspection of products can eventually enter the market.