Condom production process

- May 13, 2019-

The following is a detailed description of the condom manufacturing process, to see how these quality products are produced, and continue to improve the quality of life and fun.

1. The raw material

The main raw material of condoms is generally natural latex, that is, white, milk-like SAP collected from rubber trees, containing fine particles of rubber.Due to the strict quality requirements of this special product, when purchasing natural latex, it will go through a series of careful selection, including plantation environment, latex quality and so on.

When the purchased natural latex is shipped to the factory, in order to ensure the quality of raw materials, more than 10 strict inspections will be carried out immediately.Only high-quality raw materials can be put into production.

In addition to natural latex, there are all other materials, also from around the world will be purchased to the factory, after passing the inspection, put into the production process.

2. Combined

Combining mainly refers to the process of mixing the raw material liquid used in the production of condoms.A variety of raw materials are added to natural latex to increase its elasticity and prevent aging.The reaction is then carried out in a temperature-controlled container to form the condom solution.Of course, in the chemical process, but also need to monitor, sampling inspection, to ensure the quality of raw material liquid.

3, forming

Once the solution is ready, the condom formation process can begin.The hard glass mold is put into the qualified raw material liquid, and then the raw material liquid is slowly stretched to spread evenly on the surface of the mold.After the raw material liquid on the mold is dried, soak it again to fill the gap.This creates a thin, uniform rubber sheath on the surface of the mold, with the edges slightly rolled up to form the shape of a condom.Depending on the shape of the mold, other types of condoms, such as threaded or raised point condoms, can be produced using a mold with a surface texture or raised point.

After forming, because the rubber film cover that just formed is thin and tight, it is difficult to peel it off the mold, so it needs to be soaked in pengrun water.After soaking completely, the rubber film sleeve on the model is detached by the water ejected from the nozzle on the mold using the water pressure.

In the molding process, the temperature, soaking time and speed of the raw material liquid, soaking room temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions need to be strictly controlled.

4. Add sulfur

After completing a series of production processes such as raw material procurement, chemical synthesis and forming, the final production link is to add sulfur.The stripped rubber film sleeve was dehydrated in a concentrated way, and the powder and mud liquid were added into the sulfur adding device. Then the sulfur adding reaction began.The process is designed to make condoms soft, strong and flexible.

5. Inspection

When all production is complete, the condom is produced.However, before condoms are shipped and put on the market for consumers to buy, there is still a series of strict testing.The test of condoms usually includes full test, random sampling test, destructive test and non-destructive test.

In order to ensure that the flow of condoms into the market are qualified products, to ensure the safety of the use of consumers, condom manufacturers will generally carry out a variety of ways of condom quality inspection.Durex for example, each batch of condoms in the production process and factory, all condoms need to go through the electronic inspection, check whether the finished product produced leakage;At the same time, random sampling for water leakage inspection and air blasting inspection, check whether the finished product leakage and how strong.In the inspection, durex also chose higher quality standards as the scale. For example, the world safety quality standard for air blasting test is 18 liters of air, but durex requires that each condom can normally hold 40 liters!If any of these tests fail, entire batches of condoms (up to 432,000) will be discarded!Durex also conducts dermatological tests on finished products to ensure the safety and health of consumers during use.

6. Packaging

After a ring of steps, layer after layer of strict inspection, qualified condoms finally entered the factory before the last link: packaging.The production process of condoms is formally completed when qualified finished products are coated with lubricant or retardant, individually packaged with special materials, marked with Numbers and expiration dates, etc., and put into the box.Boxes, boxes, a batch of qualified finished products are sent to the world, cities and villages, for consumers to bring safe and assured, comfortable and happy experience!