Condom production equipment

- Aug 18, 2019-

Condom production equipment

Condom production equipment [Haichuang Machinery] to provide customers with balloon printing machines, diapers equipment, sanitary napkin machines and other products and services, and provide quality after-sales service!

Relevant experts suggest that the purchase of condoms should first choose the domestic well-known brands with high quality and low price, and not be confused by the bright cover of the packaging. The quality of high-quality condoms produced by excellent domestic enterprises is comparable to that of famous foreign brands, but the retail price of condoms in the market is quite different. The place of condom purchase should be in large supermarkets, regular drugstores and designated sales points of family planning, so as to avoid purchasing condom at random in small street stores. At the same time, we should check whether the outer packing is complete, whether the date of production, validity period and quality certification standards are clear.

Haichuang is a mechanical manufacturer which mainly develops, designs and produces high-quality disposable sanitary appliances and finished products. Its main products are women's sanitary napkins, baby paper diapers, diapers magic button left and right sticking equipment, composite equipment, and high-quality coating equipment. In line with the business philosophy of "focusing on customers, market demand-oriented", on the basis of meeting customer needs, we continue to develop new products to meet the needs of different customer groups, while continuously testing and improving existing products. To ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. The company has consistently adhered to the management policy of "quality as the foundation, innovation for development, mutual benefit with customers", strengthened company management, strengthened strength, stable quality, achieved better economic benefits, and won a good reputation for the company. The company is equipped with professional customer service personnel, and strives to provide more professional and comprehensive services for customers.

Haichuang is a professional manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of domestic paper packaging machinery. From a single sanitary napkin equipment, the company has developed more than 30 kinds of equipment, such as sanitary napkin equipment, cushion equipment, infant wet urine equipment, infant diaper equipment, * diapers equipment, paper drawer, napkin equipment and so on, and can produce and provide related raw and auxiliary materials according to customers'needs. The company's products meet the needs of all kinds of customers from three aspects: high-grade, middle-grade and low-grade. It strives to present the equipment with excellent manufacturing, beautiful appearance, stable operation and various qualified products to new and old customers at home and abroad.

Most of the natural latex is produced in Southeast Asia. In fact, the first condom made of rubber was produced in 1855. Now most condoms are made of natural latex. After the use of natural rubber, each manufacturer produces and manufactures according to the formula developed by its own engineers and technicians. Wires are usually automated.

From a mechanical point of view, how condoms are produced? Here's a quick look: Natural latex is usually stored in silos by condom factories and stabilized with ammonia water. Thousands of such models are constantly circulating and then immersed in latex. Although they look thicker, they are actually better than others. After initial drying, these models will be immersed in the latex again. Then a rotating brush will rotate the glass mould, centrifuge the excess latex to ensure the thickness of the sleeve. At the same time, your favorite threads will be stamped and the sleeve will be dried. After that, it will become more flexible, so that the condom can extend longer and not break. The formed condom will also take a cold bath. Every hour, 8000 condoms will be washed by cold water bath when they are detached from the glass mould. The condom will be cleaned for about 60 minutes and become sterile and astringent condom. At the same time, there will be several condoms. Samples are sent to the laboratory for quality inspection. Each condom has at least enough capacity to be filled with 18 litres of air without breaking. Each condom is also tested for leak resistance. When water is injected into the condom, the metal ring will be energized and the whole condom will be immersed in the water. If a condom leaks, the testing machine will be able to detect it. Existing leakage phenomenon, the machine shows no leakage, ready to pack condoms that can be safely used, silicone oil applied to condoms, and finally packed into the packaging, this is the process of condom production.

Technical characteristics 1. Adopt the most advanced secondary impregnation technology. 2. It can produce thin products of different weight and thick products of household gloves. 3. TPU coating technology and machine chlorine treatment technology can be used. 4. According to the length of the chain, 1-3 main engines are used to drag. 5. Advanced chain structure and track structure ensure smooth operation of high-speed production. 6. Vertical hot air circulation is adopted in the drying oven. Compared with other forms of hot air circulation, energy consumption is saved by nearly 20%. 7. Adopt dibasic diacid cleaning process to ensure mould cleaning.

Every product has a shelf life, condom is the same. If the condom has passed the shelf life, we recommend that you do not use it. What harm does the expired condom do to human health? Here are the reasons why the expired condom can not be used.

Strictly speaking, the mold is also the preparation work before the operation of the production line. The second step of the process difference between manufacturers is to create the mold carefully. In addition to making people wear the mold design, other shapes are basically thought of by craftsmen when they pat their heads, and of course, they may also pat their thighs.