Classification and composition of molds

- Oct 24, 2017-


Depending on the material being formed

Metal molds, plastic molds, and its special molds.

Hardware mold is divided into: including stamping die (such as blanking die, bending molds, drawing molds, flanging molds, shrinkage molds, undulating molds, bulging molds, plastic molds, etc., forging die (such as die forging die, forging die, etc.), extrusion molds, extrusion molds, die-casting molds, forging molds, etc.

Non-metallic molds are divided into: plastic molds and inorganic non-metallic molds. And according to the mold itself materials, the mold can be divided into: sand mold, metal molds, vacuum molds, paraffin molds and so on. Among them, with the rapid development of polymer plastics, plastic molds and people's lives are closely related. Plastic molds generally can be divided into: injection molding mold, extrusion molding mold, gas-assisted molding molds and so on.


In addition to the mold itself, but also need to die block, die, die core led to the workpiece ejection device, and so on, these parts are generally made of general-purpose. Mold Enterprises need to do a great job, according to market demand, and technology, funds, equipment and other conditions, determine product positioning and market positioning, these practices are particularly worthy of small mold enterprise learning and reference, focus on the gradual formation of their own technical advantages and product advantages.