China's condom production line industry has a good prospect for development

- Apr 03, 2019-

China's condom production line industry has a good prospect for development, condoms are still the first choice to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS supplies.

As an effective tool for contraception, birth control and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, condoms have realized mechanized production for nearly 50 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, and have made great contributions to population control in China.Today, China has become a major producer and marketer of condoms, the quality of which is up to the world level.At present, the condom industry will face what kind of opportunities and challenges?According to the current situation of the industry, talk about their views, for your reference.

In 2004, the total global production and sales of condoms were 16 to 18 billion, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and China are four major countries of production and sales.Due to labor costs, developed countries have moved condom manufacturers to foreign countries.The famous companies producing condoms in the world include London international (UK), ansel (USA), cha-cha (the god of war) and okamoto (Japan).

In 2004, China's total production of condoms was about 4 billion, accounting for about 23% of the global production, including nearly 3 billion domestic sales (including 1.25 billion free distributions), nearly 1.2 billion exports, and about 150 million to 200 million imported condoms every year.

Ten years ago, China's condom production capacity is about 1.2 billion, by guilin, guangzhou, Qingdao, shenyang, Shanghai, dalian, tianjin seven designated enterprises according to the national production plan organization production.By 2004, domestic sales of unplanned condoms had reached nearly 2 billion, nearly double the national planned total.At present, in addition to seven production enterprises, there are also two sino-foreign joint ventures, but the scale is small, the annual production capacity is 0.8~ 100 million;Twelve private enterprises have been put into operation, ranging in size from 100 million to 500 million, but their quality is not stable. Another four to six private enterprises are under construction.Private enterprises rely on retired workers from seven factories for technical guidance.The most noteworthy is the OEM, due to the interest driven, coupled with the management is not in place, in recent years, the emergence of nearly 200 OEM, nearly 1000 brands.By the end of 2004, nearly 111 companies had applied for "3C" certification and passed it.Among them, there are nearly 20 domestic manufacturers, 21 foreign manufacturers, others are OEM manufacturers, and another 11 production enterprises are applying or preparing to apply.Those who have passed the "3C" certification abroad apply for domestic OEM or agents.In addition to the United States, Germany, the rest of the southeast Asian countries and regions, Malaysia accounted for 13.


(1) disordered quality: at present, the products in circulation in the market are first-class, first-class and qualified products, and even unqualified products are being sold.Seven factories can meet the international standard (iso4074-2002) batch for 70~80%, some enterprises as high as 95%, but a few enterprises only up to 60~70%.New enterprise quality out of control, but because of its low price, favored by some packers.What's more, some criminals sell them in waste packaging, which seriously endangers people's health.Import set is the vast majority of domestic OEM outsourcing processing, quality level and domestic close, some are not as domestic set.

(2) price chaos: the same number of products (10 or 12), the price of up to 80 yuan a box, the price of low only 0.8 yuan a box.As a result of the psychology of Chinese partial person worship foreign, think quality of entrance covers is compared homebred cover good.Cause the price of the import set is generally higher than that of the domestic set.In fact, China has only a small part of the real import set.Mainly domestic OEM in foreign processing, and most from Malaysia.Some simply registered companies in the overseas, in and out of difficult to identify.

(3) brand confusion: there are nearly 1,000 brands of condoms on the market, and more than 30 brands of imported condoms.Some have 30~70 brands for one OEM, and some one manufacturer processes products for more than 40 OEM.

(4) chaotic management: multiple government functional departments participate in management.Multi - headed management, multi - door, non - coordination, repeated testing and charging, production enterprises at a loss.Market supervision is not in place, a large number of fake and shoddy products fill the market.

Has the comparative advantage, is advantageous to the condom product export.As the condom industry is a labor-intensive industry, compared with developed countries, China's labor costs are lower, the product has obvious price advantages.Compared with developing countries, domestic condom manufacturers have obvious advantages in production technology and product quality.Currently, nearly one-third of Chinese condoms are exported, and most of them follow the iso4074-2002 standard and WHO standard.According to customs statistics, domestic condom exports to 68 countries and regions in 2004.Guilin gaobang, in particular, has become one of the six major international suppliers of condoms to the United Nations population fund, with more than 50% of its products exported to countries around the world.

Condoms are still the first choice to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS supplies.Worldwide, more than 40 million people are living with HIV and AIDS, and more than 3 million people have died.The number of AIDS patients in China has reached one million.There is no specific cure for AIDS, and the treatment is expensive.