Characteristics of natural latex products

- Apr 04, 2019-

Environmental protection: the natural latex mattresses and pillows made of oak milk, is to select the natural latex from rubber tree are processed, is not mixed any hand add chemical products, is a 100% pure natural green household products, its natural soft close skin, provide the body with unparalleled sleep feeling, is increasingly popular in recent years new bedding products.

Natural latex products do not contain toxic substances, as a medical science advanced raw materials harmless to human body, even in the case of overheating or combustion, will not produce toxic substances.Natural latex from nature, can be self-degradation vulcanization, natural latex products after decades of use can be decomposed back to nature, uv will make the latex material change into powder, discarded when environmental protection materials, will not cause pollution to nature and human body.

Ultra high elasticity: the biggest characteristic of natural latex products is high resilience, which can meet the needs of different weight groups.Contact with human body latex mattress area of 5 ~ 6 times higher than ordinary mattress, can make the human body and the bed surface, almost completely conforms to the contours of the body, make every curve of the body has the right, can even support human body each part, effectively promote the microcirculation of the human body, its good support can adapt to various position of sleepers, caused by sleep to remove the waist acid and difficulty in sleeping, inability to sit the spine relax recovery, has the function of correct bad sleeping posture.

Natural latex is internationally recognized as the best production of pillows and mattresses advanced raw materials, natural high elastic emulsion to the weight of the body and head pressure uniform absorption and release, dispersion tolerance of the body weight, provide the most appropriate support, so that the muscles get maximum relaxation, help, spinal cord, cervical spine bone, muscle in uniform stress during sleep, improve human body blood circulation, also can avoid the happening of the cervical spine or spinal disease, dispel the pressure of the waist, hips, promote the blood circulation, prevent and relieve rheumatism, arthritis and cause have a headache, backache and joint pain.