Casting system Classification of molds

- Oct 24, 2017-

According to the different types of gating system can be divided into three types of plastic mold:

(1) Large mouth mold: Runner and gate in the parting line, and products in the open mold together demoulding, design the simplest, easy processing, low cost, so more people use the flood mouth system operation. Plastic mold structure is divided into two parts: dynamic mode and fixed mode. With the active part of the injection machine as the dynamic mode (most of the top out side), in the injection machine ejection end of the general inactivity is called a fixed mode. Because the mold part of the water mouth is generally composed of two pieces of steel plate, it is also said that such a structure mold for two plate mold. The two-plate die is the simplest structure in the water mouth mold.

(2) fine water mouth mold: Runner and gate is not on the line, generally directly in the product, so to design more than one set of water outlet line, design more complex, processing more difficult, generally depending on the product requirements and selection of fine water mouth. The fixed die part of the fine nozzle mould is generally composed of three pieces of steel plate, so it is also called "Sanbanxi mould". The Sanbanxi die is the simplest structure in the fine nozzle mould.

(3) Hot Runner mold: This kind of mold structure and fine water mouth is roughly the same, the biggest difference is that the runner is in one or more constant temperature heat runner plate and nozzle, no cold material stripping, runner and gate directly in the product, so the flow path does not need demoulding, this system is also known as the water-free system, can save raw materials, suitable for raw materials, Products require a higher situation, design and processing difficulties, mold cost is high. Hot runner system, also known as the Heat runner system, mainly by the hot gate sleeve, hot runner plate, temperature control electric box composition. Our common hot runner system has two forms of single point Heat gate and multi point Hot gate. Single-point hot gate is a single hot gate sleeve directly to the melt plastic injection into the cavity, it is applicable to single cavity single gate of plastic mold; multi-point hot gate is through the Hot Runner board to separate the molten material into the hot gate sleeve and then into the cavity, which is suitable for single cavity multi-point feed or multiple cavity die.