Balloon production tools

- Sep 10, 2019-

Balloon production tools

Manufacturing instruments are rows of ceramics that look like small bulbs, i.e. moulds used to make balloons.


Pre-production preparation

1. Before production, the mould should be soaked in citric acid and all surface impurities should be burned.

Citric acid

Any impurity in the mold may cause defects in the balloon.

2. In order to make the latex stick to the mould evenly and not stick to the mould, the mould needs to be coated with calcium nitrate.

Calcium nitrate coated

Calcium nitrate is a coagulant that allows latex to adhere to a mold. Next, the water needs to be dried, leaving only a thin layer of calcium nitrate film on the mould.

Balloon forming

Next, it is the sticking stage of the latex. The pipeline sends the processed mould to the pre-prepared latex bucket. The latex bucket rises slowly and completely covers the mould, forming the shape of the balloon.


The shape of the balloon is generated. The formed balloon enters the oven and is heated for five minutes to make the outer skin more firm. After the balloon is heated firmly, it can be washed and the residual material on the surface can be washed out.


After cleaning, the blowing nozzle of balloon needs to be machined.

Blowing nozzle

Two nylon brushes on the assembly line roll down the warm top of the balloon, which is still very soft and can be rolled into the blowing nozzle of the balloon.

Blow mouth

At this time, the balloon will have to be baked at 170 degrees Celsius before it can be converted into elastic rubber.


High temperature activation of sulfur and zinc oxide in milk mixtures strengthens the molecular bonds between milk molecules. It is also because of the strong molecular bonds between the molecules that balloons are so elastic and ductile that they can hardly burst after inflating.

Balloon detachment link: It is necessary to spray water between the ceramic mould and the balloon to loosen the epidermis.


Peel balloons off the moulds one by one with a row of carpet mats



The last part is the balloon inspection link, but also a more critical step: check whether the balloon is broken, damaged, and impurities.


In this way, one of the most common balloons was made.