Balloon printing machine

- Apr 15, 2019-

With the development of science and technology, a variety of screen printing, pad printing machine quickly appeared.A variety of corporate brands have emerged, focusing on the design and development of balloon printing, balloon screen printing, and other product fields.Experts suggest that individual users must pay attention to the maintenance of screen printing machine, cloth is not to be ignored.

The impact of screen cloth on the quality and safety of screen balloon printing machine is very large.Therefore, good maintenance of the network cloth is very necessary.First of all, screen printing screen cloth in use must be cleaned and degreased, if the screen cloth is not timely cleaning, the next use is easy to lead to screen printing is not free, also easy to form garbled code.If you do not carry out the corresponding degreasing work will easily lead to the screen of the delamination.Secondly, in the net frame marked net fabric life and weave is also an important maintenance strategy.This makes it easier to use the process.Finally, screen printing in the use of the process, should try to avoid contact with sharp objects, to prevent accidental damage to the cloth.

JUBAO is manufacturer to research and development,design and produce machines of gloves,balloon and condom. Mainly in balloon printing machine,production line for glove,glove half-full dipping,latex condom dipping and latex balloon dipping,glove dotting and printing machine, surgical glove out wrap/inner paper packing machine,condom packing machine and other relevant supporting equipment products.The products of the company meet the needs of all kinds of customers from the top grade, middle grade and low grade, and strive to present the equipment with excellent manufacturing, beautiful appearance, stable operation and qualified products to old and new customers at home and abroad.

The use of fluorescent inks is not an exact science, and not every printing house has the same processes, options, equipment and suppliers.When used properly, fluorescent inks can be a money-making tool and have a significant impact on printing results.Fluorescent ink is best used for bright images containing large areas of solid color.If you use this ink in a dark image that contains a lot of shadows, you may lose some of the texture and contrast.Fluorescent ink price than ordinary ink about 20%.But the ink in a printing part of the total cost of the proportion is very small.Yellow and magenta fluorescence ink impact of the strongest, blue ink effect of the weakest.Be careful to choose the fluorescent ink coating.Water-based coating than glazing coating more easily fade fluorescent ink.But whichever way you choose, the coating will affect the effect of fluorescent ink.The image cannot be accurately examined with fluorescent ink.Be sure to check the image on the press as fluorescent inks are likely to appear slightly off-color during printing.Because these inks are relatively light, printers tend to increase the amount of ink supplied to the presses to produce brighter colors.

SP302-C 五色五面气球印刷机 4

Are balloons safe?

It is suggested to use high quality balloons that meet the requirements of environmental protection and can be decomposed by microorganisms to make modeling balloons. First, they are safe and not easy to break.When making modelling design with balloon additionally, because use is air, reason does not have safe concern.But if you are using a round balloon to go short, be sure to fill it with safe helium rather than hydrogen.Also, do not let children put balloons in their mouths. This may cause choking.In addition, although there is no domestic legislation against the mass release of helium balloons during festivals, the following principles should be observed:

1) do not release floating aluminum foil balloon (aluminum foil is not easy to decompose, aluminum foil will meet the risk of short-circuit high-voltage wire, aluminum foil will cause trouble in flight

2) do not use wire to bind helium-filled rubber balloons for the same reason as above.

3) for helium-filled rubber balloons, tie a weight to one ball. Do not tie a large number of balloons to the same weight.Because once the balloon flies away, it will not spread out, easy to hang on the wire, or fall after the wire will be wrapped around the animal and cause harm.