Talk about the use of balloon printing machine

- Jan 03, 2018-

balloon printing machine.jpg

Balloons need to be used whether they are used for business, malls or children playing, it is the indispensable part in life. So how dose the patterned balloon come out ? It has to be attributed the balloon printing machine.How does the printing machine work? Let's see how the balloon printing machine worksthat is to say, what is the principle of its work?This is to say that?

A silkscreen template printed with pictures or fonts is fixed on the machine. The distance between the silkscreen template and the balloon mold is controlled by the switch to make it just press on the surface of the balloon. The brush will automatically brush the paint that has been adjusted well in order. So the font or picture is printed on the balloon. The pulley pipeline will bring the balloons with pictures or typefaces to a certain position under the pulley to release the balloons automatically, so that the paint on the balloons will dry up, and it will neither stick nor contaminate objects. The printer can print 1 to 5 kinds of colors, single - sided and double - sided patterns, and photos and other complex pictures on a balloon. The speed can be adjusted according to the requirements of the personnelit can be fast and slow,it can be personalized customization. It can also print 3000 to 5000 balloons per hour (only a reference number, the specific number depends on the speed of each person)

After talking about its working principle, let's talk about its useas I said it can bring benefits for the company, it is specifically for enterprise and company to  print logos or related pictures in a balloon, it can achieve the goal of free promotion for enterprises, and it can bring the potential customers for companies. This kind of propaganda has become one of the most popular ways to propagandize the company's information. It has made contributions to the balloon printing industry. You can log in to to know more about it.