Balloon label printer equipment

- Apr 15, 2019-

In recent years, many foreign scientists have proposed to cool the earth through so-called "geoengineering".According to foreign media reports, us scientists have conducted experiments in late March 2017.Harvard professor DavidKeith announced his new plan to test "solar radiation management concepts" at an event in Washington, d.c., on Friday, in partnership with a launch site in Arizona and high-altitude balloon company WorldViewEnterprises.The plan is to bring StratoCruiser equipment and sensors into the stratosphere using a series of balloon baskets.

The customized printing of advertising balloons is completed in two steps:

1. Inflating step: place the balloon in the fixed mold box, inflate it with the air separation pipe, and then transfer it to the printing system through the conveyor belt for printing.Printing and distribution are synchronous, microcomputer speed control system will be in accordance with the locking uniform rotation speed, after printing of the balloon to finish drying process, at the same time in the transmission to ensure the printing effect of each balloon clear without scratches pattern without loss, after drying, the balloon color uniform design clarity, rubber vulcanization transfer ink pattern is already fixed go up in the balloon will never fall off.

2. Ball holding step: after drying, the balloons will be peeled off the printed advertising balloons through ball holding air, dried, shaped and recovered, and finally entered the packaging stage of advertising balloons.Advertising balloon custom-made color distribution: ratio of the color of the ink and the balloon is very strict otherwise cannot guarantee pattern is bright and clear, the general color such as yellow pink balloon printing ink to use brunet attune such as red and black, then neither the heavier advertising balloon printing color with light color attune such as black and red blue balloon balloon printing when it is best to use white advertising balloon special ink, so balloons and printing patterns formed foil each other.

JB-SP302-B 气球印刷机5

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Balloon species has a lot of, now produced mainly introduces natural latex balloons, can be used as decoration, opening ceremony of the arch, can be printed on the propaganda, as its advertising design can be printed on a photo as a married couple, can decorate, ball couple floats, etc., balloons become a beautiful scenery line, now more and more get the favour of people!.Balloon as a toy used to have a name is "foreign eggplant", there is a small bamboo whistle in the opening of the balloon, the balloon blowing full of air to open the door will have a very loud sound.Balloons can also be used as decorations and as a means of transport.If the balloon is large enough and the gas inside is lighter than the air of the same volume, it can rise when the buoyancy exceeds the weight of the balloon and the attached objects (such as the hanging basket, hot air balloon, etc.).