Automatic glue-dipping glove machine

- Aug 18, 2019-

Automatic glue-dipping glove machine

There are many factors affecting the use of chemical gloves, including the types of chemical substances contacted, the types of protective gloves, the environment used and so on. More attention should be paid to the use of labor protection gloves.

Firstly, the hazards of related chemicals, the environment of their use and the work they are engaged in are evaluated. Chemical hazards, toxicity levels, types of health impacts and severity of impacts should be considered. The more toxic the chemicals are, the more serious the hazards are. The more cautious we should be when choosing suitable chemical gloves. At the same time, we should consider the work we are engaged in, including the duration, frequency and exposure to chemicals, the degree of flexibility we need, and the physical force we encounter.

Secondly, glove materials that can protect the treated chemicals are selected. In terms of selection criteria, suitable gloves, i.e. no obvious aging after contact with chemicals, have a relatively long penetration time and a relatively small penetration rate under service conditions.

At the same time, other factors that may affect the protective performance of gloves during the use of gloves should also be considered. If necessary, test under specific working conditions.

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