Application of labor protection articles in machinery manufacturing industry

- Apr 20, 2019-

Labor protection articles are a kind of necessary defensive equipment to protect workers' personal safety and health in the production process, which plays an important role in reducing occupational hazards.

Mechanical processing is the use of a variety of machine tools for metal parts for car, planing, drilling, grinding, milling, such as cold, general mechanical processing production process of occupational hazards are relatively small, mainly used in metal cutting cutting oil emulsion and influence on workers, due to the high speed machine tool rotation, emulsion splash around, easy pollution skin, can cause folliculitis, acne, and so on.A large amount of dust can also be produced in the process of rough grinding and fine grinding.

From many aspects, labor insurance supplies for the machinery manufacturing industry, is a way to protect the interests of employees and enterprises.The following understanding of some labor protection supplies in the machinery manufacturing industry applications.

Productive dust

It mainly exists in the foundry industry, where high concentration of dust can be produced in the process of sand preparation, molding, sand falling and sand cleaning, etc., especially when sand blasting is used for casting dressing, the dust concentration is very high, and the quartz used is harmful, which can cause silicosis and casting pneumoconiosis.In the process of machining, metal parts of the polishing and polishing process, can produce metal and mineral dust, causing worker's pneumoconiosis.When welding flux, electrode core and welding material, in high temperature evaporation produces a lot of welding dust and harmful gas, long-term inhalation of high concentration of welding dust can cause welding worker's pneumoconiosis.Can wear dust mask and other respiratory protective equipment.

Recommended products: dust mask/long tube respirator/dust clothing

High temperature, thermal radiation

It is mainly used in casting, forging and heat treatment. The melting furnace, drying furnace, molten metal and hot casting in the casting workshop, the heating furnace and red-hot metal parts in the forging and heat treatment workshop all produce strong heat radiation, forming a high-temperature environment.Wear protective gear such as protective gloves.

Recommended products: high temperature gloves/cooling vest/heat insulation clothing

The harmful gas

Melting furnace and heating furnace can produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the concentration at the feeding port is often higher;Formaldehyde and ammonia are produced when phenolic resin is used as binder.Steam of organic solvent can be produced during heat treatment.Chromic acid fog, nickel acid fog, sulfuric acid fog and cyanide can be produced during electroplating.Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides can be produced during welding.Spray paint can produce benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.Can cause occupational poisoning.Wear protective clothing and other protective equipment.

Recommended products: gas mask/protective clothing

Noise, vibration and ultraviolet and ionizing radiation

In the process of mechanical manufacturing, the use of sand tamping machine, pneumatic tools, a variety of forging hammer, grinding wheel polishing, rivets, etc., can produce strong noise, vibration;Electric welding, gas welding, subarc welding and plasma welding uv, such as improper protection can cause electro-optical ophthalmitis.In the process of workpiece flaw detection, X-ray and radioactive source flaw detection are often used.Wear ear plugs and other protective equipment.

Recommended products: noise-proof earmuffs/noise-proof earplugs

Heavy manual Labour and trauma, burn in the low mechanization degree, pouring and shakeout, blacksmithing is relatively heavy manual labor, even using air hammer and hydraulic press, as a result of the need to transform the workpiece position and direction, manual labor intensity is very large, at the same time to work at high temperature, easy to cause temperature adjustment and change of cardiovascular system.

Protective labor protection supplies are applicable to a variety of industries, especially for the machinery manufacturing industry, the life safety of the operator needs to enter more protection.

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