Advertising balloon technology and printing technology

- Mar 28, 2019-

The balloon is placed in a fixed mold box and inflated with a gas distribution pipe.

The conveyor belt is transmitted to the printing system for printing. Printing and transmission are synchronous. The microcomputer control system will rotate at a constant speed according to the determined speed. The printed balloon will end the monotonous process together with the transmission to ensure that each balloon's printing function is clear, no scratch image does not fall. After monotony, the balloon's color uniform image is clear, and the ink image transferred by rubber vulcanization is now solid. Fixed on balloons, never falling.

The following is the supporting balloon step, after the monotonous balloon will be printed through the supporting balloon balloon will fall, drying and styling recovery, the end of the balloon into the advertising packaging time.

Color allocation for advertising balloons: Ink-to-balloon color ratios are very severe or you can't guarantee the sharpness and clarity of the image. Generally, color balloons such as yellow and pink printing inks should be dark colors such as red and black, whereas heavier color balloons should be printed in light colors such as black balloons and red and blue. The best color balloon printing ink is white advertising balloon special ink, so that the balloon and the printed image to form a contrasting effect.

SP302-C 五色五面气球印刷机 4