Advertising balloon craft and printing technology

- Apr 04, 2019-

The advertising balloon's printing is divided into four steps:
The balloon is placed in a fixed mold box and inflated with a gas distribution pipe.

The conveyor belt is transmitted to the printing system for printing. The printing and transmission are synchronous. The microcomputer control speed system will rotate at a constant speed, and the printed balloon will end the monotonous process together in transmission to ensure that the printing function of each balloon is clear without scratching the image without falling. After the monotonous balloon color image is clear, the ink image of rubber vulcanization is now fixed. Never fall on a balloon.

The following is the toss step. After a monotonous balloon, the balloon will fall through the ball through the ball, drying and setting the balloon, and ending the packing time of the advertisement balloon.

The color distribution of the advertisement balloon: the color of the ink and the balloon is very severe, otherwise the image can not be guaranteed and clear. The general color balloon, such as the yellow pink printing ink, should be colored in dark color and black, and vice versa with lighter colors such as black balloon and red blue. The best way to print a balloon is to use white advertising balloon special ink, so that balloons and printed images are mutually reinforcing.

Advertising balloons are widely used as advertising campaigns, widely used in electronic and electrical, food, clothing and other fields of publicity, opening celebrations, wedding celebrations, festival celebrations, and advertising balloons in the anniversary celebrations as an irreplaceable role for other advertising products. The printing of LOGO on the surface of the balloon can be printed on the basis of the image supplied by the customer. Brush, print advertisements on the balloons, publicity words of the company and trademarks, Congratulations, etc.

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