A new method of making balloons

- May 25, 2019-

Technical field:

The utility model relates to a balloon with a new air sealing device, which is provided with a one-way air inlet valve at the original balloon air inlet.

All kinds of balloons sold on the market do not have a one-way inlet valve. They are all tied with a thin wire at the air inlet where the gas is blown, or the leakage channel is blocked by the accumulation of materials, so that the gas does not leak out.Festival, the children like to buy all kinds of balloons, parents often become a blowing cylinder, sometimes blowing red face up, often because not in time with a rope tied tight air inlet lead to all work abandoned;Is to buy the hydrogen balloon, because the traditional sealing method is often accompanied by leakage phenomenon, gradually disappear.

The utility model overcomes the deficiency of public knowledge technology and provides a balloon with a new sealing structure, in which adults and children can blow air through the one-way valve of the balloon inlet according to their lung capacity, so that the air can only enter and not go out until the balloon is blown into a shape they consider satisfactory.

This may be accomplished by attaching a valve body to the air inlet of an ordinary balloon and pressing one end of the body against a film with a small hole.During inflation, as the air through the holes on the valve body to stick to the valve body at one end of the valve film blown up, the gas through the small holes on the valve film into the balloon;After the inflation stops, the air pressure inside the balloon will press the valve film tightly on the valve body, and then press the small hole on the valve body tightly, so that the air cannot leak out.

Claim: a new type of balloon, which is composed of a balloon and a tie rope. The technical feature of the utility model is that a one-way inlet valve with automatic air sealing function is set at the air inlet of the balloon, and one of the simplest structures of the valve is to paste a valve film with holes at the small holes of the valve body.

Patent abstract: the utility model relates to a balloon of a new air sealing device, which relates to a toy necessary for daily life.The child blows up balloon and do not leak air below the help that does not have adult, prolong the life of balloon, carry out simple and convenient.