A mould for making a glove mould and a method for making a glove mould made with the mould

- Jun 03, 2019-

Background technology:

Gloves mould is densified jin a mould used for rubber glove auxiliary, currently on the market of the gloves mold is divided into ceramic mold and aluminum alloy mold, the mold can be applied in ceramic gloves latex household gloves no bladder, acid and alkali resistant industrial gloves, medical gloves, gloves and aluminum alloy moulds are suitable for all kinds of PU, PVC, nitrile butadiene, emulsion and film gloves processing field.

With the strong rigidity and good heat dissipation performance of aluminum alloy gloves, it has gradually begun to replace the mold of ceramic gloves.

But gloves are usually breaking existing aluminum alloy molding and then welded together, a metal mould of latex gloves, multi-segment in production of the metal mould of the night, and then welded together, because made by aluminum alloy weight is lighter, but the actual production, the production efficiency is low, there are many production enterprises and the technology in the field of technical personnel in order to improve the production mold production, glove is made by way of stamping mould, namely through the moulds for sheet metal stamping into hand in the shape of a slice, but because the connection between finger and small finger between existence of objective reasons,During stamping, the gap of finger of hand die will break, which makes the method of stamping hand thin shell into glove die become a difficult problem.

Technical implementation elements:

The purpose of the invention is to solve the existing technology of stamping glove mould and provide a mould for making glove mould and a glove mould made by using the mould.

The technical solution to the problem of the invention is as follows:

The utility model relates to a mold for making a glove mold, including a upper mold and a lower mold. The utility model is characterized by: the upper mold is provided with a hand-shaped concave mold groove, and the upper mold is provided with a hand-shaped convex mold groove on the lower mold;At least one finger of the finger part of the palm punch is a buffer part that can move up and down independently when pressing.The surface of the pressure table is an inclined plane.For the bearing platform, the surface where the edge of the hand-shaped die groove is matched with the surface of the bearing platform.A buffer structure is arranged under the buffer.The buffer structure includes connecting columns of the buffer part, a metal base with fixed columns, and a polyurethane elastomer superimposing under the metal base.The upper closing die and the hand concave die groove are interchangeable with the hand convex die set for the lower closing die.

The feature of the glove mould is that: half a piece of mould shell is stamped by the mould, half a piece of mould shell is stamped by the mirror mould, two half pieces of mould shell are combined, and then polished by edge welding

The beneficial effects of the invention are as follows:

Compared with the existing technology, the buffer structure, can be alone for the buffer during stamping sheet metal department's fingers do contact in the sheet metal processing, make the buffer of the adjacent finger parts in the process of the mould clamping, the stamping tensile metal parts not greater than the finger when the corresponding to the strength of the sheet metal and fracture, crack, make the gloves mold made into sheet metal stamping, on the design of the mould and the use of a highly creative.

Compared with the existing technology, the adoption of inclined plane can make the metal sheet in the mold pressing, the speed is faster, and can ensure the yield of the whole metal sheet after stamping.

Compared with the prior art, the glove mold produced by the invention is hollow structure, so the material is not limited to aluminum alloy, but can adapt to other metals, and is light in weight.