A method for making latex gloves

- Jun 03, 2019-

Background technology:

Latex gloves are made of latex processing, can be used as household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries, is an essential hand protection products.Made of 100% natural latex and other fine additives, latex gloves have high dexterity and strength, very comfortable to wear, low pinhole rate, and excellent sealing and protection characteristics.There are five kinds of latex gloves: smooth latex gloves, hemp latex gloves, striped latex gloves, transparent latex gloves and powder free latex gloves.Widely used in electronics, food, medicine and optoelectronics and other related industries;Especially for workers in the fishing industry such as processed fish, latex gloves are almost indispensable for labor protection due to the working conditions.

Since the surface of the fish body is generally secreted with mucus, it is often too slippery to grasp the fish with bare hands, especially the eel and catfish of the loach, which are more slimy and slippery. Ordinary latex gloves cannot be grasped firmly.There are now anti-slip gloves on the market that have raised points on the fingers and palms to increase friction, but they don't work as well as they should.The reason is that the bumps are too big and smooth to add much friction.Is a new type of latex gloves, rubber gloves focus with Velcro on the small hook surface, dense, small bending of the hook has greatly enhanced the friction, this kind of glove to catch fish although solved the ordinary latex gloves can't hold on slimy fish, but the product also has two new problem that nots allow to ignore, 1 is due to the small hook face is pasted on the surface of latex gloves, long-term contact with water, easy to make the hook face aging or even fall off, 2 for valuable fish such as eel, eel, sharp hook surface easy to scratch the surface of the fish, affect the quality, reduce its commodity value.

Technical implementation elements:

Aiming at the defects of the existing latex gloves, the invention designs a new latex glove, which is used to solve the defects that the fish will slip from the gloves when the workers catch and wash the fish and process the fish.The invention also designs a new processing method of gloves.A latex gloves, its characteristics is described in the set up multiple suckers on gloves, its characteristics is described in the suction cup set up outside the gloves on the palm and finger cot on the surface of focus on the suction cups of the aperture between 1-3 mm, described the odd glove chuck the total number of not less than 13, among them, the key points in each finger sets of not less than 2, palm on no fewer than three.

The invention for such reasons, the suction cup hook on the market at present is to use soft plastic, and the latex is the material, in addition, people usually in sucker hook part in contact with the wall, clean, wipe again on the suction cup of water, and then against on the wall, and the inside of the air out, so you can tiejin, and latex gloves to grasp of the surface of the fish itself has water, at the same time will be tight grip fish, such tiny chuck latex gloves can compare strong adsorption on the skin of the fish contact, when the need to remove the fish, with a little effort, the gloves from crack is formed on the surface of the fish, the air enters the micro hole,The suction disappears and the fish drops out of the latex glove.

Compared with the prior art, the invention has the characteristics of one-step shaping, which is simple to operate and will not harm the fish body, and retains the value of commercial fish. Because the suction cup and latex gloves are integrated forming, the suction cup will not be like the hook surface stuck later, which will age and fall off after long use.