A latex glove with an inner coating and a hemp-like surface

- May 09, 2019-


The invention discloses a rubber latex glove with an internal coating of polyurethane emulsion, a surface with a hessian process, a finger part and a palm part with a special curved design, and the polyurethane emulsion is a cationic system.The glove is used in medical diagnosis and surgery to prevent medical allergies and increase the friction between the glove and the object to prevent the device from slipping.


The invention relates to a latex glove with an internal coating and a hemp surface, which has a macromolecular internal coating, a hemp surface, a finger part and a curved palm design, and belongs to the technical field of protective equipment in the process of medical diagnosis and treatment and surgery.Background technology medical surgical and examination gloves of natural rubber or synthetic rubber materials have been widely produced and used.Since worn directly on the hand, the gloves need to be specially lubricated on the inside surface of the hand to be worn.Commonly used lubricants include powders such as traditional talc and starch.However, because some people are allergic to powder, and powder is the carrier of some microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria, it is obviously not appropriate to use in the surgery room with high purification.So there's an urgent need for gloves that don't rely on moisturizers.Therefore, the gloves with smooth surface, which are produced by the glue-linking reaction between polyurethane polymer and natural latex, came into being.The inner surface of the glove is smooth and reduces the friction coefficient between the rubber glove and the wearer's skin when in contact with human hands, thus significantly improving the wearability.At present, most of the shapes of medical gloves produced in China are straight hands with smooth surface, which do not conform to the physiological characteristics of human hands. Therefore, it is easy to cause hand fatigue if worn for a long time. In addition, due to the small friction force on the smooth surface, it is easy to cause device slipping.For many years, according to the Chinese hand characteristics and requirements, our company has designed a curved medical gloves with pockmarked surface that is suitable for Chinese people.The invention provides a rubber glove with an inner coating of polyurethane emulsion, an outer surface with a hemp process, a finger part and a palm with a special curved design.

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