A brief discussion on the difference between rubber gloves and ordinary gloves from glove rubber dipping machine manufacturer

- Apr 10, 2019-

There are many kinds of labor protection products, among which the rubber gloves are special.Lab technicians are sometimes exposed to chemicals and need to wear chemical protective gloves.Mechanical processing, petrochemical industry need to wear oil-resistant, anti-corrosion rubber gloves, rubber gloves are so important, the following rubber gloves immersion machine manufacturers to introduce the difference between rubber gloves and other gloves.

First, from the point of view of production materials: ordinary gloves are generally used ordinary materials, such as textile cloth surface materials, artificial leather, and so on, and rubber gloves with better quality paste resin and environmental protection oil, refined processing thermoplastic.

Second, from the point of view of the place of use: the place of use of rubber gloves is mostly in the electroplating workshop, laboratory, large machinery factory and other places of anti-oil and anti-acid and alkali, but the common gloves are basically daily protection or decoration.

Three, from the point of view of the design concept: the rubber gloves are mainly used to protect the operator's hands to avoid the harm of harmful substances, so in the design of the primary factor is safety, while ordinary gloves are more considered is comfortable, fashion, lightweight and other functions.

Therefore, ordinary gloves should not be used as protective gloves at work, and consideration should be given to practical conditions such as operation and working environment, and the appropriate size of protective gloves should be selected to ensure the health of employees and themselves.When you choose the rubber gloves, you should pay more attention to the qualification and ability of the glove manufacturer, and whether the quality of the gloves meets the corresponding standards.

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